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Upcoming Litters


Brown Miniature Poodles

Lennon and McCartney are expecting their first litter together in February 2023. See our Puppies page for more information.


Lennon is a 12 lb AKC silver beige miniature poodle and McCartney is a 16 lb AKC brown miniature poodle.

Estimating puppies to weigh 10-20 lb when fully grown.

Lennon and McCartney can produce solid or merle brown puppies.

photo jan 03, 10 20 16 am.jpg
Photo Aug 13, 6 49 21 PM.jpg

Miniature Aussiedoodles

We're planning to breed Jude and McCartney around mid-2023.


Jude is a 25 lb Aussiedoodle (50% Australian Shepherd, 50% miniature poodle) and McCartney is a 15 lb AKC brown miniature poodle.

These will be F1B Aussiedoodles meaning they will have one Aussiedoodle parent and the other parent is a purebred Poodle. They will be 75% Poodle and 25% Australian Shepherd. The poodle genes will produce a curlier, more hypoallergenic and lower shedding coat than an F1 Aussiedoodle that is 50/50.

Estimating puppies to weigh 20-30 lb when fully grown.

Jude and McCartney can produce black and brown puppies in Merle and phantom.

photo jan 03, 10 20 16 am.jpg
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