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25 lb Miniature Aussiedoodle

Jude was our family's first ever Aussiedoodle and she's the daughter of our niece's red miniature male poodle who we just love (Charlie Klaus).

We playfully nicknamed her "Rebel Girl" because she is known for getting into mischief when we leave her home alone.

It's the neatest thing to watch her Aussie ancestry come through when she herds our miniature poodles around the backyard.


AKC Silver Beige Miniature Poodle
12 lb, 13" to shoulders

Lennon ended up being too small for a poodle breeder who breeds small Standard poodles, so we happily adopted her when she was about a year old.


We knew we lucked out from the moment we picked her up. She has the sweetest, most docile temperament, and she just goes with the flow.

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