Stud Service

We offer side-by-side insemination with fresh semen at our vet here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or we can ship chilled or frozen semen for approved females.


We only do artificial insemination breeding (no live cover). We have a lot of experience with AI and shipping semen, domestically and internationally. If this is your first time, we would be more than happy to walk you through the process.

We require $100 at time of booking and the rest at the time of service. Females that are progesterone tested qualify for a second breeding at no additional stud fee if the first breeding doesn't result in pregnancy per our stud contract.

We do not support puppy mills or large kennels. We screen every potential stud client very closely and require links to Social media profiles.

Please fill out this form to learn more about our stud service or to inquire about booking our studs and their availability. 

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